What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

Learn how your Leadership, Management and Entrepreneur skills can determine your success, and how to develop the “Next Big Idea” here.

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Core Startup lessons were created for flexible learning for your Home PC and on portable devices.

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What sets core apart?

We will show you how to effectively start a business by providing valuable ‘real-world’ lessons

Core Startup Lessons

Core Startup

Core Startup Lessons were founded on the idea that starting a business should not be only for the select few, but for anyone who has the dream and perseverance to move forward with a business idea

University History

Corestartup.com is a first of its kind learning center. The custom lessons are completed entirely online and for all learning styles; visual, audio, and written courses are presented for computer users or portable devices.

Core History

Founder and President Shawn Chun had several successful, real world businesses over the course of the last two decades and is sharing his expertise with you. He has been where you are right now, hungry for success, full of energy, ideas, drive and a passion to succeed, but unsure exactly how to put that drive into gear and move forward.
Shawn had his share of bumps in the road, and made more than one wrong turn along the way. He longed for someone who could show him how to avoid the pot holes on the road to realizing his dream of owning a successful business.Shawn had to learn some important business lessons the hard way, and he wants to help you avoid some of those costly lessons. His desire is to reach out with his hard-earned knowledge of what it takes to succeed at business and help others along the road to success. Thus, Core Startup was born.